Lighting that Brings Your Pool Design to Life!


When it comes to creating your dream outdoor oasis, lighting plays a pivotal role in transforming your pool design from ordinary to extraordinary. From enhancing safety and functionality to setting the mood for relaxation or entertainment, strategic lighting can elevate the ambiance of your pool area. Here’s how lighting brings your pool design to life: […]

Water + Fire in Your Pool Design

At Kevin Sparks Signature Pools, we create innovative designs that incorporate water and fire features into your personalized pool projects! Water features like waterfalls, sheer descents, and fountains bring elegance and tranquility to your backyard by adding movement, sound, and a visual appeal to any pool design. While fire features like fire bowls, fire pits, […]

Financing Options that Make Your Backyard Oasis Possible

Gunite Inground Pool

Are you envisioning your own private oasis, complete with your sparkling in-ground swimming pool? The idea of lounging poolside on warm summer days or hosting unforgettable gatherings around the water might have felt like a distant dream in the past. But, your backyard dreams really can become a reality, thanks to our strategic financial partners, […]

The Best Price in Town for a Fiberglass Pool!

Do you feel like your dream backyard has been unachievable due to the ever-increasing costs in our market? For the first time ever, we are providing a complete in-ground fiberglass pool package for the incredible price of $63,988. Here’s what that price includes: Fiberglass: The Ultimate Choice Fiberglass pools offer numerous advantages over traditional materials […]

Connection & Community in 2024


As we enter the new year, we’ve all got goals and dreams… things we want to accomplish, maybe places we want to go. But what if at the top of our list, was the desire to create a deeper connection with the people we love most? What if our resolutions centered on building relationships and […]

Top 5 Questions Our Customers Are Asking

We know that there are so many unknowns that come with being a new pool owner, and our goal is to answer all your questions and make it a seamless process from start to finish! There are five questions that our customers often ask (and some additional questions that usually go along with the main […]

In-Ground Pool Options

Your in-ground swimming pool should be unique to you, and with several options to choose from, you can identify what material will serve you best with answers to just a few questions… Deciding on the general size, shape, and depth of your desired pool will help you determine what type of pool you’ll likely want […]

Why Choose a Fiberglass Pool

It may be Fall, but we’re always dreaming about those sweet summer days around here! If you’re looking for a backyard transformation, let’s talk about one of the most popular types of pools we’re installing these days… but first… a little daydream… It’s the first day of Summer and your town’s public pool just opened! […]