Why choose gunite?

For years gunite has been the chosen material for pool-building because of its long-lasting durability. We personally love gunite because of its customization capabilities. With gunite, your pool can quite literally be one-of-a-kind! Plus with the flexibility of designing the unique size and shape of your pool, your pool can perfectly compliment your home’s landscape.

The journey to your custom in-ground gunite swimming pool begins with the selection process. Since gunite pools are completely customizable, you’ll have the opportunity to design everything, from the unique shape of your pool to the size that meets you and your family’s needs. You’ll also get to select the unique finish for your pool, as well as the tile that will compliment it perfectly! Once the pool design is decided upon, you’ll be able to add amenities like waterfalls, slides, fire bowls, tanning ledges, and more! With lighting and decking, pumps, covers, etc. all selected, the process is ready to move forward into construction!

As with other types of pools, gunite pool construction begins with digging the hole. Once your custom pool shape is dug, a frame is built for the pool out of iron rebar. This frame gives the gunite material something to cling to as each layer is added. With the frame complete, the gunite is shot, smoothed, and left to set. Once set, the finish is applied and any decorative elements are also added. With the pool in place the hardscapers come in to work their magic, adding decking, sidewalks, decorative walls, and more! Throughout this process, you can sit back and relax as your backyard oasis comes to life! 

The transformation that takes place from a hole in the ground to a beautiful, luxurious customized gunite in-ground pool is truly remarkable! Ready to get started on the pool of your dreams? Give us a call at 615-238-4144 to schedule your complimentary consultation. We look forward to creating your space of connection and community!