We’re not going to beat around the bush here folks, the days of the recession are over.  Pools are selling, and if you want to take advanage of off-season discounts your time is limited.

Currently, our construction schedule if completely filled with the exception of 6 remaining slots in the month of February, which means there are only six folks out there who can still take advantage of our off season discounts.

What off-season discounts are we offering?

Here’s What We Have Going:

  • $2,000 Off Any Steel Pool Package
  • $1,000 Off Any Pool Heater
  • FREE upgrade to the Variable Speed Super Pump  ($1,200 Value, see picture below)

That’s $4,200 in Savings!

4 Reasons You Should Seriously Consider Installing Your Pool in the Off-Season:

1.  You beat the March 2014 price increase…pool prices will go up several thousand dollars in March which means prices will be $5k-$8k more than this current off-season special.

2.  You’ll have plenty of time to complete landscaping and other loose ends so you can have the yard looking perfect when Spring arrives.  (While you neighbors are waiting for their pool project to begin).

3.  You’re getting far and away the best value we’ve offered this year…thousands of dollars of legitimate savings!

4.  If you choose to wait until Spring you will pay top dollar and have to wait to have the pool installed…because that’s what everyone else does.  Be smart, save money, and have a stress free experience now.

Simply fill out the form to the right and we’ll be in touch asap!

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