We are proud to provide you and your customers with the world’s best composite fiberglass swimming pools, spas and tanning ledges so that families can enjoy their “life of leisure.” We recognise that there are times when achieving this vision takes incredible planning and effort on your part.

Pool of the Month
Pool of The Month

The Kevin Sparks Signature Pools team met that challenge with their installation of a Leisure Pools “Pinnacle 40” in Sapphire Blue with matching Sorrento Spa as the centrepiece of an impressive project in Franklin, Tennessee (outside Nashville.)

The true challenge was in creating the space in which to set the pool and spa into. As you can see from the photo, the family’s backyard has an extreme incline which required the establishment of a more than 25-foot retaining wall and additional side walls so that a pool/spa could be set into the family’s backyard.

The retaining wall is as high as the homeowner’s roof, but the Kevin Sparks team designed the wall to not only be functional but also to compliment the look of the home while being landscape-friendly with opportunities for foliage/ plants.

In addition to the Sorrento Spa flowing into the pool, they also added some streaming jets to the side of the pool for an even more elegant look. The team also created a gazebo area off to the side of the pool for a relaxing view of the pool environment. Finally, the team also developed a “staging area” for all the pool equipment so that it would not interfere with the overall view while still being easy to access and maintain.

The reason that the Kevin Sparks Signature Pools team were approached for this assignment is because they were referred by another homeowner in that neighbourhood. We have said that “the best marketing is our operations” and that was certainly the case here as this family was impressed by their earlier work, and are now, an even bigger missionary for the Kevin Sparks team due to the success of this larger project.

Please congratulate Kevin Sparks, Lauren Sparks and Jeff Slaughter for their leadership and commitment to excellence. We applaud their ability to deliver on our shared promise of a well-deserved “life of leisure.”

We encourage you to send us your completed installations so that more families can appreciate how beautiful the world can look when the world’s best composite fiberglass swimming pools are supported by the world’s best builders/ installers.

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